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Compcooler Technology--- Challenge Confined Space and Extreme Hot Ambient

Compcooler specializes in working for active thermal management solutions for confined space and extreme hot conditions. Compcooler has engineering and manufacturing capacities to handle OEM or ODM projects and provides the complete cooling solutions for all customers.

The major categories for cooling system as below:


  • Micro Cooling Solutions
  • Personal Cooling Systems


Electronic Cooling, Medical Cooling, Laser Cooling, Chip Cooling, Equipment Cooling, Personal Cooling, Computer Cooling, Military Cooling etc . 

Mirco Cooling Solutions

COMPCOOLER provides custom micro cooling solutions and meet customer’s specific needs. All Micro Refrigeration Cooling Module Compcooler developed has compact size and light weight features, which could be integrate directly into customer’s equipments or systems. All modules were full charged with R134a and tested for ready to use.


Customer could develop control board to control the subsystem. Compcooler also provides control board with communication protocol or front panel based on customer’s decision. The major products as below:


  •  Liquid Chiller and Module
  •  Direct Expansion Module
  •  Control Board and Front Panel
  •  Thermal Control Chassis


Personal Cooling Systems

Background: Heat is a serious health threat within military armored vehicles where the air temperature can exceed 150°F (66°C), compounded by high humidity. A warfighter will succumb to heat stress in 60-90 minutes if no cooling protect.


Compcooler provides various personal cooling systems to help user to against heat stress at extreme hot ambient, keep the body cool and comfortable! The major products as below:


  •   Personal Ice Cooling System
  •   Microclimate Cooling System
  •   Liquid Cooling Vest
  •  Ventilation Vest



Key Features for Compcooler Micro Refrigeration Cooling System:

  •   Compact Design, Light weight and small size
  •   Module subsystem, easy to Integrate
  •  Excellent Cooling Performance,
  •  Reliable and Tight temperature control
  •  Hot ambient temperature up to 65C
  •   Low power draw and quiet operation
  •  Various modules to meet all miniature cooling applications
  •  Customize designs are available

Compcooler Facility Manufacturing Abilities:

  •   Micro Refrigeration Cooling System
  •   Control System and front panel
  •   Power Control and Battery (Rechargeable)
  •   Metal Fabrications CNC and Sheetmetal
  •   Final Assembly and Testing

Products Certificate: CE, FCC

Facility Quality System: ISO9001, AS9100

Standard: ANSI/ASHRAE 15b-2006, MIL-STD-810, GJB150